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W H O  I S  A M B R O S E 

Putting My Experience
to Work

Ambrose Castellano, a dedicated Democratic representative, proudly serves as the voice for District 70 in the New Mexico House of Representatives. Since assuming office on January 1, 2021, he has demonstrated a deep commitment to his constituents, resulting in a successful re-election in the general election on November 8, 2022.


Hailing from Las Vegas, New Mexico, Castellano's professional background as a general contractor and rancher has equipped him with a practical understanding of the issues facing his community. Throughout his legislative career, he has actively participated in key committees, contributing to his role as an effective advocate for the people he represents.


Castellano's legislative initiatives showcase a diverse range of interests and priorities. From elevating safety standards in construction through the Elevator Safety Act to addressing environmental concerns with bills on refrigerant use bans, he has proven his dedication to creating a safer and more sustainable New Mexico. Additionally, his sponsorship of bills related to horse breeder fee distributions and fishing regulations highlights his commitment to supporting local industries and outdoor activities.


Education is a key focus for Castellano, with a particular emphasis on raising standards and supporting teachers. His vision includes modernizing classrooms with advanced technologies, providing a more conducive

In the realm of job creation, Castellano advocates for small businesses, recognizing them as essential to the state's economic health. His proposals include incentives for startups and a streamlined regulatory framework, along with a specific nod to the importance of the film industry in bolstering employment opportunities.

Healthcare reform is a significant aspect of Castellano's legislative agenda. He strives to lower healthcare costs for all New Mexicans while holding insurance companies accountable for unnecessary increases. His advocacy extends to the protection and improvement of services for senior citizens, emphasizing the need for funding and rural accessibility.

Having a personal connection to the military, Castellano champions the well-being of veterans. He supports comprehensive programs and resources, including healthcare and financial assistance, to ensure their smooth transition into civilian life.


In addressing the needs of disabled individuals, Castellano is resolute in securing adequate funding for programs that enhance their quality of life. His multifaceted approach reflects a comprehensive dedication to improving education, creating jobs, enhancing healthcare, and advocating for the well-being of vulnerable populations in New Mexico. Through his years of service and proactive legislative initiatives, Ambrose Castellano continues to be a stalwart representative for the people of District 70.



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