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Hi, I'm Ambrose


Since assuming office on January 1, 2021, Castellano has been an unwavering advocate for the diverse needs and aspirations of the people he represents, not only in Las Vegas, New Mexico but throughout the entirety of District 70, which includes communities such as Moriarty. His roots in Las Vegas run deep, providing a foundational understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the district. As a general contractor and rancher, Castellano's professional background not only showcases his practical knowledge but also offers a distinctive perspective on the economic, agricultural, and infrastructure concerns faced by the region. His tireless efforts and commitment to Moriarty and all of District 70 underscore his dedication to fostering growth, development, and positive change across the entire district. Castellano's multifaceted approach and genuine connection to the diverse communities within his district truly embody a representative who works tirelessly for the collective well-being of his constituents.


For Ambrose Castellano, fostering a thriving career is a commitment to excellence and a dedication to service. His career journey, rooted in experiences as a general contractor and rancher, exemplifies a dynamic path marked by continuous growth and community impact. Ambrose's thriving career is more than a sequence of accomplishments; it's a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to the constituents of District 70 in New Mexico.


With a focus on legislation that supports education, job creation, and healthcare reform, Ambrose Castellano's career is a living example of how dedication to public service can contribute to the flourishing of both personal aspirations and the well-being of the community he serves. As he navigates the legislative landscape, Ambrose strives to create opportunities that not only enhance his career but also pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for those he represents.


Equality Meets Opportunity

In the heart of rural New Mexico's District 70, the pursuit of equality and opportunity is not just a vision but a steadfast commitment embodied by Representative Ambrose Castellano. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by our rural communities, Castellano tirelessly champions initiatives that bridge gaps and create pathways for equal opportunities. From advocating for improved access to quality education to supporting small businesses that form the backbone of our local economies, Castellano's legislative endeavors are rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of their geographic location, deserves a fair chance to thrive.


In a landscape where equality is not just a goal but a necessity, Castellano's unwavering dedication ensures that the voices of rural New Mexicans are heard, their concerns addressed, and pathways to prosperity laid out for all. As we navigate the future in District 70, Representative Ambrose Castellano remains a beacon for equality, tirelessly working to create an environment where every resident, no matter their background, has the opportunity to flourish.

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